Colm Nolan and Associates


Colm Nolan and Associates is a successful Independent Financial Advisor business which has been in operation for a number of years servicing clients. Most of the business cam from referrals and that suited the business up until now.

The situation changed when the owner Colm made the decision to grow the business and enter a more corporate market. This market demanded a professional public brand image.

The Story

Colm contacted Boozaga and explained his requirements and then the Boozaga team worked with Colm and his team using their ASTAR method. Here’s what happened:


We worked with Colm to understand his current situation, his business, his business environment, his competitors and his communication channels with potential customers and current customers.

Word of mouth and tradition collateral was the main source of new business while his quality of work was his main source of retention.

We discussed and decided on the main business objectives for both the short term and medium term.

We identified a number of key customer segments for the business and differentiated the offer for each segment as well as the delivery and cost.


We developed a new integrated marketing strategy which would satisfy and delight existing customers and alert potential customers to the advantage of dealing with a truly independent financial advisor.

We retained the existing branding as it had a lot of equity attached to it.

We developed a range of new services for the business to cater for the identified customer segments.

We decided a new range of messaging was needed to satisfy the new customer segments

We developed a new digital strategy for the business to move them into the online world of marketing

We wrote a content plan to position the business as a ‘thought leader’ in the coming months

The Boozaga team have been retained to provide training to the business team on using social media organically while Boozaga will handle all marketing strategy and design – we will essentially act as the marketing department for the business without the usual high cost of hiring a marketing department.


In conjunction with the business we are monitoring the results of all online marketing activity and using a range of tools to constantly improve the tactics and results.

Packages to suit all budgets

We only provide best advice for you and your business not advice that helps us to get you to spend as much money as possible with us.