Equine Therapies Ireland


The owner had decided to set up her own business and had received a lot of poor advice regarding her website and social media and was really confused about the best thing to do, how much money to spend and how she was going to get real bang for her money

She was advised to talk to the Boozaga team as we were known for our advice and consultancy before any design or builds took place and so saving the business a lot of money in the long run and achieving successful outcomes.


We performed an analysis of the key areas for the business

  • Competitors analysis
  • Web Presence analysis
  • Social Media Analysis


As the business was a new business where the budget was limited we knew we had to deliver a lot for a limited budget and we understood that it was a challenge.  It was decided to use a new website and Facebook presence to reach a niche audience and deliver the brand’s message in the most cost effective manner possible.


We designed a

  • Responsive SEO Friendly website with content that spoke to the target audience
  • Google Analytics were installed on the site to allow for review and improvement in the future


  • Boozaga designed and launched the new site while working closely with the owner to understand her unique audience
  • Training was provided on how to manage her own website using the simple to use WordPress CMS
  • Training was also provided on how to use sponsored posts for greater returns on Facebook activity
  • Training on Facebook was provided so that the new Facebook page would deliver maximum brand awareness while driving traffic to the new site


The results were measured against the original objectives and both Boozaga and the client were delighted.  There was a rapid increase in

  • Traffic to the site
  • Leads from the site
  • More Like, Share, Comments on Facebook
  • Higher PTAT on Facebook
  • Social Media Presence overall for the business was greatly increased

Packages to suit all budgets

We only provide best advice for you and your business not advice that helps us to get you to spend as much money as possible with us.