Park and Fly Dublin ( Dublin Airport Parking)


The car parking business for Dublin Airport traffic is highly competive with some of the bigger players spending large marketing budgets to maintain market share.  Park and Fly Dublin had to learn how to integrate its more traditional marketing methods with a successful online strategy.

The Boozaga team met with the owners and delivered a successful outcome through its ASTAR Method.


We did a detailed analysis of

  • Competitors
  • Web Presence


The strategy had to be built around limited budget and resources while still having significant impact.  On this occasion it was decided to look at the business strategy as part of the overall project and by using the Business Model Canvass changes were made to the overall strategy.  On completion of the new Business Strategy the following marketing strategy was decided upon:

  • New Fully Responsive Website to be developed
  • Create Facebook Page
  • Marketing Strategy for the next 12 months


  • A new SEO Friendly Website was designed and developed
  • Youtube was set up
  • Twitter was set up
  • Google Analytics was set up on the site to use for ongoing performance mesurment and improvment
  • Facebook Advertising was utilised as it delivers maximum impact for smaller budgets


  • The Boozaga team Implemented the Digital Marketing strategy as well as a Social Media Strategy
  • Staff were trained to maintain Facebook
  • Training was provided on Twitter & Youtube
  • Training staff on basic Google analytics
  • Training staff on how to update the site themselves


  • More Traffic
  • More Leads
  • More Sales

Packages to suit all budgets

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