Email Marketing


Email marketing still works – we still read emails but it does come down to the target audience and the message you are trying to deliver.  There are a variety of tools that you can use some are more cost effective than others and some are just more effective than others.  A lot depends on the content and when it is delivered.



Why is email Marketing important for your business

If your business has been smart enough to gather visitors and customers emails over the years then you have a very valuable contact list.  But a list is only a list unless you use it for something productive and with email marketing you can turn that list into a retention tool and/or a sales generating tool. The key is knowing what to say and when to say it – the right message delivered at the right time is very powerful

How Boozaga can help you with your email marketing

We can help you develop the right email marketing strategy.  This may involve segmenting your list into a number of key target groups depending on the information you have gathered.  After that comes the content – you need to make sure the content is interesting enough for your customers so that they open it and engage with you.  After that comes the nurturing and conversion.

The benefits for your business

  • The right email strategy
  • Your contact list segmented correctly
  • The most effective email marketing tool chosen
  • Targeted content
  • Results measured

Activity monitored and altered to continue to have maximum affect

Packages to suit all budgets

We only provide best advice for you and your business not advice that helps us to get you to spend as much money as possible with us.