Video Marketing


Right now it’s all about delivery effective content to your audience and there isn’t a more effective way that video marketing.  Get you message working in a video that is short and catches the attention of your audience and you’ll create interest in your message and products.  If you create interest then you are one step closer to getting some new customers.



Why is Video Marketing important for your business

The key to marketing is delivering interesting content to your target audience in ways that engage them.  Videos stand out, giving customers a quick overview of your products and services without overwhelming them with text. Videos allow customers to get the information they need about a business through a short, visually-appealing video.

How Boozaga can help you with your video marketing

We know the steps needed to make a great explainer video and we can work with you to make the video making process easier, quicker, better value and more effective.  We help you script your key messaging – it can be tricky to get it succinct and effective.  We then develop your storyboard – this is the plan for your video and finally we use this to produce a short effective video.  Oh there’s loads of different styles, we help you pick the most suitable for you.

.The benefits for your business

  • Scripting, storyboarding and production made easy
  • The right style of video chosen for your audience
  • Speedy, hassle free turnaround on your video
  • Advice on where to promote your video
  • Your video used to get you the results you need

Packages to suit all budgets

We only provide best advice for you and your business not advice that helps us to get you to spend as much money as possible with us.